Welcome Back!

Dear Colleagues,

We hope you had a restful summer and wish you all the best for the upcoming semester. We are relieved that even though COVID 19 is still in our midst, we are able to return to campus with a greater degree of normalcy.

Syndically, we will be kicking off the semester with a couple of important general assemblies.

On September 6, we will be holding a social strike vote to coincide with “Planète en grève” on September 23, based on the notice of motion that was given at the May 18 general assembly. This meeting will be in person on campus. A meal will be served before the meeting. For important background information on issues relevant to the strike and its legal and political implications, we invite you to (re)read the Advocate articles in the May 2022 issue.

Our second general assembly is scheduled for September 21. At this meeting, we will be adopting our demands for the next round of Collective Agreement bargaining. They will include both the Central Table demands, those pertaining to salaries, group insurance, pensions and parental benefits, and the sectoral demands dealing with Cegep teacher working conditions. These demands are the culmination of consultations conducted in the past year at JACFA and CSN-FNEEQ. You can read English and French version of these demands at the links below. We will send you the sectoral demands as soon as they become available. This meeting will be online.

Proposed Central Table Demands
Propositions de revendications de la table centrale

As apparent from the above plans, as we transition out of pandemic restrictions, the executive is experimenting with alternating the format of general assemblies between in-person meetings and online ones.

In closing, we would like to wish you a smooth start to the term. We will be monitoring for any issues that may arise from the evolving COVID-19 situation. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you notice anything, COVID-related or otherwise.