Collective and Local Agreements

2020-2023 Collective Agreement

The collective agreement is the agreement between our parent unions (FNEEQ/CSN) and the CPNC. It sets out the rights, privileges and responsibilities of both the college, and the teachers employed at the college, including working conditions, salary scales, etc.

2015-2020 Collective Agreement

Local Agreements:

Certain sections of the collective agreement contain the provision:

“The following provisions are part of a recommendation made by the provincial parties and shall be subject to the application of section 59 of An Act respecting the process of negotiation of the collective agreements in the public and parapublic sectors, if agreed upon and signed by the local parties.”

Such clauses are subject to negotiation and/or amendment by individual unions and colleges. Agreements which amend or append such clauses are called “local agreements”. A list of current local agreements between JACFA and John Abbott College may be found below.

CRT Agreements:

Occasionally, the collective agreement is vague, or does not contain provisions for arising situations. In such cases, a CRT is convened and JACFA and the College attempt to come to an agreement about how the collective agreement should be interpreted. Such agreements are informally known as “CRT Agreements”. A list of active CRT agreements may be found below.