Vacations and Holidays

According to our Collective Agreement, we are entitled to two months of vacation in the summer, usually between June 15 and August 17. The College usually consults CRT on the exact dates in April and makes them known shortly afterwards.

For the vacation period agreement for the 2016 – 2017 academic year, click here. For these and other important dates, visit our calendar.

Other holidays are:

  • New Year’s Day (January 1);
  • Good Friday and/or Easter Monday, at the option of the employer;
  • Victoria Day or Fête des Patriotes (Monday preceding May 25th);
  • Fête nationale (June 24);
  • Canada Day (July 1);
  • Labour Day (the first Monday in September);
  • Thanksgiving Day (the second Monday in October);
  • Christmas Day (December 25).

Please note that according to the College, we are not on vacation on any other days of the year, including the days between Christmas and New Year’s Day and during the Study Break, and therefore must be available for work on these days as required.

You may, however, ask your Program Dean for permission to go away at other times by completing a Authorization for Planned Faculty Absence form. The College has assured the JACFA Executive that a request from any teacher who wishes to travel during the March Study Break will be approved.