GA Digest: May 18, 2022 meeting

Dear Colleagues,

The following motions were adopted at the JACFA general assembly of May 18, 2022.

Climate change actions

BIRT JACFA funds local TJC mobilization (printing, guest speakers) $300

BIRT JACFA calls on the CSN to provide political, financial and legal support to local unions that adopt a strike mandate for the fall of 2022.

BIRT the JACFA representative to TJC be selected from the JACFA Climate Change Committee, by the committee. The role of this representative will be to update the union on TJC business and act as a liaison.

In conjunction with the above motion, the following notice of motion was given for the next general assembly:

BIRT JACFA declares a climate strike on September 23rd, 2022, in solidarity with the international student movement, if at least 20 unions representing 10,000 workers in Quebec also vote for the same strike mandate. 

BIRT JACFA calls on the John Abbott College administration to support this position. 

BIRT JACFA demands the CSN provide political, financial and juridical support for unions that adopt such a strike mandate for September 23rd, 2022. 

The first motion above will be a strike vote. This general assembly will be held during the first few weeks of the fall 2022 term (tentative date: September 6). The Executive will announce it as soon as it is confirmed. For background information on the issues related to the strike and relevant legal, political, and strategic considerations, we recommend that you read the articles in the May 2022 edition of the Advocate

College suppléance policy

On the College suppléance policy, the GA adopted the following:

BIRT that JACFA mandate the executive to consult with all departments and its membership about the parameters of, and necessary exceptions to, the new suppléance policy. 

BIFRT JACFA will seek to reinstate the previous practice (suppléance paid on first day) until the consultation is complete.

The executive has sent a separate communiqué to clarify the issue, based on a recent labour relations committee (CRT) meeting on the matter.

JACFA Elections

The following members were elected to the various JACFA and College committees.

President of JACFA

  • Roy Fu (H/P/R)

JACFA directors

  • Alexandre Panassenko (Math)
  • Nicholas Tosaj (History)
  • Adil D’Sousa (English)
  • Maria Mastorakos (Physics)
  • Sarwat Viqar (H/P/R)

JACFA Financial Review Committee

  • Claire Russell (English)
  • Ed Hudson (Chemistry)
  • Caroline Viger (Physics)

JACFA Climate Change Committee

  • Herman Tumurcuoglu (Business)
  • Roxane Millette (Biology)
  • Shannon Ikebe (H/P/R)

Academic Council representatives

  • Martin Poirier (Paramedic Care)
  • Suzanne Black (Chemistry)
  • Abe Sosnowicz (English)
  • Jessica Vandervort (History)
  • Jeffery Brown (Paramedic Care)
  • Maria Mastorakos (Physics)
  • Sean Hughes (Chemistry)
  • Tracey McKee (Media Arts)
  • Michele Trépanier (English)
  • Geoffrey Cook (English)
  • Tom Young (H/P/R)

Academic Council permanent substitutes

  • Caroline Viger (Physics)
  • Evgeni Kiriy  (Engineering Technologies)
  • Azra Rashid (H/P/R)
  • Antoine Herlin (Math)

College Faculty Professional Development Committee (FPDC)

  • Alice Mcleod (Mathematics)
  • Fiona Stewart (English)
  • David Desjardins (Economics)
  • John Serrati (History)
  • Candis Steenbergen (H/P/R)

College Sustainability Committee

  • Julien Morency-Laflamme (History)
  • Jessica Burpee (Geography)
  • Darren Millar (English)

College ReconciliACTION Committee

  • Jimena Marquez (Anthropology), regular member
  • Christina Oltmann (English), alternate

Best Regards,

The JACFA Executive