Labour Relations Update – Suppléance Policy for 2022-2023 Academic Year

Dear Colleagues,

We wanted to give you an update of the CRT meeting of May 24th, during which the suppléance policy for the next academic year was discussed again.

First, as was explained in a previous email on the subject and at the last General Assembly, we want to remind you that the JACFA Executive had proposed at the CRT of March 29th that the College revert back to its previous practice of paying suppléance as of the third day of absence instead of the first. As was explained, the practice had been changed years ago with the intention of spending the large allocation surplus we had at the time. Given that we are now in a deficit situation and cuts have to be made to the allocation project, reverting back to the previous practice seemed like a step in the right direction. We did mention that some exceptions would have to be made (as they were being made before the practice was changed), and that a consultation of the departments by the Program Deans would have to take place in order to determine what those exceptions might be. It seemed that the College was in agreement.

At the May 24th CRT, the College maintained that they had not previously agreed to JACFA’s proposal, and that they had only agreed to discussing the matter with the Program Deans before they made a decision on changes to the policy. The College also said that we should have a clearer picture of the impact of these changes on classes and resources before making the changes. We therefore agreed to not change the suppléance policy for next year and keep paying for suppléance as of the first day of absence; however, the College and JACFA will collaborate to get a clearer picture of the resources needed to maintain such a practice and revisit the question next year. It should be noted that, given the fact that we are in a deficit situation and that we’re obligated to make cuts to the allocation project to rectify it, when JACFA asked the College where else cuts would be made if we were no longer cutting the suppléance, the administration gave no response.

We will keep you updated as the file progresses next year. As it was decided at our last General Assembly, if changes to the policy are being envisioned for the following academic year (2023-2024), JACFA will ensure to consult with the departments, in collaboration with the Program Deans.


The JACFA Executive