The Advocate, Volume 6, Issue 2

Dear Colleagues,

Please see the latest edition of The Advocate (Link Here), JACFA’s syndical magazine that provides a more in-depth look at ongoing union issues. Some of the topics covered will be discussed at next Wednesday’s general assembly. They include:

  • issues and procedures related to the TJC (Travailleurs/Travailleuses pour la Justice Climat), Fall 2022 climate strike (JACFA expected to take a vote in early September 2022)
  • challenges and issues related to teaching students with disabilities
  • what to look out for in the next round of collective agreement bargaining
  • who was recently hired, in what department, who retired
  • what some of the executive members have been up to in their personal lives…

We hope the articles will offer you some temporary respite from grading (i.e., an excuse to procrastinate).

See you next Wednesday and Thursday!

The JACFA Executive