Strike Informer June 4

Dear JACFA members,

On Friday June 4, we will be exercising our third day of strike (out of a five-strike-day mandate). In this message, you will find the relevant logistical information for the picketing. Please note that there have been important changes to picketing requirements from the previous strike days.


  • Due to requirements from CSN’s Professional Defense Fund, which will contribute to our strike pay after the third day of strike, the picketing shifts will be 4 hours,
  • Please sign up for your shift by Wednesday, June 2, 11:59 p.m., by filling out the form at this link.


  • In order to be eligible for strike pay, you need the sign in at the beginning of your shift, at the tent near the Casgrain entrance.
  • Teachers who are prevented from picketing due to health reasons, inter-provincial restrictions, or other employment obligations because they work only part-time at John Abbott will be exempt from the above rule. If you filled out an exemption form for the last strike, you do not need to fill it out again for this strike. For those who wish to request an exemption for the first time, you will need to fill out this exemption form, by Wednesday June 2, 11:59 p.m., to let us know that you cannot participate and why.
  • Teachers who cannot picket for the above reasons will also be required to participate in a specific mobilization activity in order to be eligible for strike pay; namely, you will be required to send a second letter that reiterates our concerns and demands (we will make a form letter available during our strike days) to John Halpin (Director General of John Abbott College), Danielle McCann (Minister of post-secondary education), and Sonia Lebel (president of the Treasury Board), with JACFA in cc. We encourage all other teachers to participate in this campaign as well. Please be sure to respect the submission deadlines in order to be eligible for strike pay. We will not be reminding people to send the letter this time.


Even though there has been recent loosening of public health restrictions, we will be vigilant in the maintenance of pandemic preventative measures:

  • Picketers will be required to wear masks at all times,
  • Due to longer picketing times and a shorter window, there will be more people on campus than last time. We will have a plan to disperse people throughout the campus,
  • Picketers will be reminded to keep 2m distance at all times,
  • All activities will be outdoors,
  • Any food and beverage provided will be individually wrapped/contained, in order to minimize tactile contact between people,
  • Ample hand sanitizer will be on hand,


  • We are renting 3 portable toilets for the duration of these strike days,
  • We are also renting two large tents (for large events) for shelter in the case of inclement weather. One will be located near the Casgrain entrance, like last time. The other will be on the south side of the Herzberg oval, near Lakeshore Road,

On May 11, 12, and 13, JACFA came out in full force to demonstrate its support for our negotiation demands, and the defense of quality public education and robust public services. On June 4, we will have the opportunity to reiterate our position, only this time, with a show of more people and stronger resolve!

In solidarity,

The JACFA Executive