2 strike days called, 12 p.m. May 11 to 12p.m. May 13

Dear JACFA members, 

FNEEQ has announced that they will be calling two strike days from May 11th 12 noon until May 13th 12 noon. That means John Abbott teachers will be on strike during that period. The Executive will be meeting shortly to work out the details of how the strike will be executed by JACFA and will inform you this week.

The strike consultation completed by April 23rd, with a strong mandate from FNEEQ’s 45 CEGEP-teacher unions. Of the 45, 43 voted in favour of a strike, with the remaining two adopting the rally vote. The total number of votes in favour of the strike mandate was 4138, with 1553 against.  That means all FNEEQ CEGEP unions will be on strike. JACFA voted 85.45% in favour with 213 ballots cast.

With the strong mandates at JACFA and FNEEQ, our members and teachers across the network have indicated that they are ready to step up the pressure and stand behind our demands. We believe that if we keep our eyes on our goal–our modest but much needed demands, and stick together, we can prevail.

In solidarity, 

The  JACFA Executive