JACFA GA Digest: JACFA obtains strong strike mandate

JACFA Votes Strongly in Favour of Strike

At the JACFA General Assembly yesterday, with more than 200 teachers in attendance, members voted 86% in favour of up to five strike days. Now, we await results of strike votes from the other FNEEQ unions who will be voting this week, to see if a double-majority result is obtained. Thus far, the results are looking very good. We will know the final results by the end of the week.

Regardless of that outcome, the message from JACFA is strong and clear: we believe in our collective agreement demands, and are willing to back them up with action. This is the actual motion passed:

I mandate John Abbott College Faculty Association to call a strike of up to the equivalent of five (5) days, on a sequential basis (federal, sectoral, or regional), or Quebec-wide basis, at a time deemed appropriate, in coordination with the CSN public sector union federations represented on the CCSPP, and taking into account the bargaining talks and the public health situation.

It is yet to be determined if and when these strike days will be exercised, but we have now joined our voices with a growing number of FNEEQ CEGEP-faculty unions voting in favour of a mandate to do so when the moment is judged opportune. 

JACFA also voted in favour of demanding that our negotiation teams push harder for divestment of our pension funds from the fossil fuel industry:

BIRT  JACFA remind the FNEEQ and the CSN that the JACFA membership mandated the union federation to demand, as part of the 2021 negotiation of the collective agreement, that the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) completely divest our RREGOP pension fund from fossil fuels by 2023 and reinvest in alternative energy and socially responsible companies instead.

JACFA representatives will pursue this mandate at external meeting and continue to advocate for fossil fuel divestment at FNEEQ and CSN.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the General Assembly. 

In solidarity,

The JACFA Executive