JACFA GA Digest: JACFA opts to intensify pressure tactics and plan for strike

Dear Colleagues,

The following motions were adopted at our general assembly last Thursday:

  1. BIRT the general assembly provide the mandate to intensify pressure tactics in the workplace while taking into account the health situation and to plan a strike at an appropriate time.

In the coming weeks, in consultation with the mobilization committee, the Executive will develop a plan to intensify pressure tactics. It will be coordinated with any strike timeline that is proposed by CSN-FNEEQ. Any local action will involve member approval at a future general assembly.

  1. BIRT JACFA set the daily strike pay amount for the current round of Collective Agreement negotiations at $120 per full day, or $60 per half day.
  1. BIRT JACFA donate $200 to the JAC Creative Writing Competition
  1. BIRT the 2019-2020 JACFA Financial Statement be approved.

The financial statements were sent to your email on March 4, 2021 and is posted on our website.