Négo Bulletin: CSN turns up the heat

160 000 CSN Workers Turn Up the Heat on Legault

Dear Colleagues,

FNEEQ, our union federation, has taken an important step towards turning up the pressure on our employer’s representatives—the government and the CPNC (Comité Patronal de Negociations des Collèges)—in the current Collective Agreement negotiations. In concert with other CSN public-sector unions representing 160 000 workers, FNEEQ is seeking a mandate from its member unions to intensify the pressure tactics and begin planning for a strike. This move is a response to the apparent lack of willingness of the government to address any of our concerns and demands; consequently, the negotiations are going nowhere.

We are planning a General Assembly for Thursday March 11, 2021, to discuss FNEEQ’s proposal to turn up the heat. In the coming weeks, we will be providing you with more detailed information on the state of the negotiations and where we stand in terms of our demands and our employer’s offer at both the central table and sectoral tables.

Please note that no strike vote will be taken at the March 11 meeting. Decisions taken at the meeting will only relate to the intensification of pressure tactics and a mandate for CSN-FNEEQ to plan the coordination of a possible strike between various sectors. Should an actual strike vote be called by FNEEQ some time in the future, members will be given ample notice. None are being planned at the present moment.

You can read Info-Négo from CSN in both English (here) and French (here).

In solidarity,

The JACFA Executive