General Assembly Digest, December 9, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

On December 9, the JACFA General Assembly approved the following seven motions. (It was a very productive meeting.) We will be presenting Motion 1 to the College Directors this week and discussing possible follow-ups. You can read the rescinded policy referred to in Motion 2 here. We will follow up on Motion 4 with a call for nominations for the College Sustainability Committee shortly.

We wish you a smooth end of term.

The JACFA Executive

Motion 1:

BIRT, in the context of supporting the College in its implementation of Orientation 8 in the Strategic Plan, (“JAC is informed about and is resolving structural and systemic discrimination faced by minoritized students and staff at the College, and works to address systemic barriers”)

JACFA demand that in its implementation of this orientation, the College

1. employ rigourous and valid anti-racist and anti-oppression frameworks, in its training and employee-education initiatives,

2. employ such frameworks in its anti-discrimination work pertaining to racialized and marginalized groups,

3. Form a committee that advises the college on the implementation of this orientation. This committee should consist of significant representation from racialized and marginalized groups, be informed by anti-racist expertise, and chaired by a non-administrator

4. Collaborate with JACFA on this work, in concert with other College unions and/or constituencies.

Motion 2:

BIRT JACFA rescind its Donations Policy that was adopted by the General Assembly on January 28, 1992.

BIFRT Any donation request for over $50 must be approved by the JACFA General Assembly.

Motion 3:

BIRT JACFA purchase   0.05 ETC release for the JACFA Executive for the 2020-2021 year

Motion 4:

BIRT JACFA extend the mandates of all its committee representatives on JACFA and JAC committees except for the sustainability committee until the end of the 2020-2021 academic year,

Motions 5-7, donations:

BIRT JACFA donate $750 to the Imagine Change for a speakers’ series on climate change.

BIRT JACFA donate $10,000 to the JAC Student Assistance Fund (Moved by Beth Acton, seconded by Stephen Bryce)

BIRT JACFA donate $250 to the CSN Christmas Basket