GA Digest: JACFA takes positions on COVID working conditions

Dear Colleagues,

On Thursday, October 1st, the JACFA General Assembly approved the following motions:

Motion 1:

BIRT JACFA demands that the College prioritize teaching needs and consults JACFA before disbursing monies from the S119/S120 budgets.

BIFRT JACFA mandates its representatives to support flexibility in faculty CI values in the Winter semester such as reducing preparations in teachers’ workloads where possible.

Motion 2:

BIRT JACFA mandates its representatives on the JACFA Executive and Academic Council to support the voluntary departmental shortening of the Winter 2021 semester to 12-14 weeks’ worth of classes, held over 13-15 weeks, to reduce the concentration of work for teachers and students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will be presenting these positions to the College administration and, where applicable, to our representatives on Academic Council.

Group Insurance changes for 2021 adopted

The Assembly also approved the proposed changes to our group insurance plan. This result will be forwarded to FNEEQ. The changes will be become official when the majority of participating unions vote in favour. The changes are set to take effect January 1, 2021.

Announcement on College Evaluation of Teaching

It was announced that, at JACFA’s request, the College will suspend all five-year formative evaluations of teaching during the pandemic. It will, however, continue evaluations for recently-hired teachers, during their first three semesters of teaching, as per the College policy.

In closing, we are aware that a few members experienced technical problems and were not able to attend the General Assembly. We will do our best to fix the problems, and will have “trial sessions” before the next GA, where members can attempt to join a Zoom meeting and communicate at the same time with a member from the executive to fix potential problems.

Best regards,

The JACFA Executive