JACFA Workload Survey

Dear JACFA Members, 

With this new semester underway, the JACFA Executive is increasingly concerned about the impact that online teaching appears to be having on our members. We have already received informal reports from many teachers that online teaching has meant more hours dedicated to course preparation and follow-up with their students, and that the quality of their working lives is being greatly diminished by not being on campus and instead working from home in front of a computer screen .  

The Executive has recently learned that the College has received additional funding, ostensibly to ease some of the burden created by these and other issues during the COVID-19 crisis. We are now in the process of trying to negotiate the effective use of these resources, and to work with the College to find effective solutions to address the more systemic issues inherent in online teaching, that don’t necessarily have monetary solutions.  

With these objectives in mind, we are asking you to fill out the following survey about how your work and life have been affected by online teaching this semester.

Survey: Click Here

We are hoping for a high response rate so that we will be well-positioned to represent your needs and interests in our discussions with the College administration.

Given the short delay between now and the confirmation of Winter 2021 allocation taking place next week, please respond by 12 p.m. , this Friday September 18.

​In solidarity

The JACFA Executive