JACFA Nego Update

Preparations for Summer Mobilization

As we wrap up the current school year, many of us are still dealing with the realities of the current health crisis; at the same time, we are witnessing historic social upheaval all over the world linked to attempts to advance social justice and equity. Amidst this turmoil, we are attempting to negotiate a fair Collective Agreement that will determine not only our working conditions, but also the quality of our public service for the next three years.

Within this context, we would like to draw your attention to the continued importance of mobilizing for these public sector negotiations. Now, more than ever, the citizens of Quebec deeply understand the importance of well-funded, functional public services. This deepened awareness, however, has come at a high cost. As CEGEP teachers, we have been asked to move mountains in maintaining our professional practice throughout this crisis, and we have worked tirelessly to achieve that.

In this accelerated round of collective agreement negotiations, we are not only asking that the work of public sector employees be compensated fairly and adequately , but that we undo the damage caused by years of neoliberal austerity which have eroded the integrity of the public services, a basic right for all.

Based on experience, we know that all demands, no matter how reasonable, must be backed up by the willingness of workers to fight for them. In this vein, we invite our members to stay tuned the next few weeks for news and calls to action related to our collective agreement negotiations. It is possible there will be mobilization events organized by CSN FNEEQ during the summer vacation period. We encourage you to sign up for the mobilization mailing list, so that we may inform you of these events, and keep summer mailings to a minimum for everyone else. You can sign up by simply responding to this email.

In the meantime, CSN is organizing a demonstration this Thursday, June 11th at 10am on the corner of Fullum and Sainte-Catherine in support of our negotiation demands. Please let us know if you are interested in attending.

We wish to thank everyone for your efforts this semester, and for your solidarity with your colleagues and community members during this challenging time.

In Solidarity,

The JACFA Executive