JACFA GA Digest: demands for return to campus Fall 2020

Dear Colleagues,

On Friday, May 29, the JACFA General Assembly  adopted the following motion on the resumption of classes for the fall of 2020:

BIRT in the event that the College partially restarts on-campus operations for the Fall 2020 semester, JACFA demands, at minimum,  that the following conditions are met, and that any changes to the Fall 2020 plan are implemented in discussion with all affected unions:

•             That the College put in place a mechanism by which those with particular vulnerability to the virus (for example, those over 60 years of age and those who themselves have, or live with someone who has a medical condition which increases their susceptibility to complications due to the virus) may be exempted from any duties requiring on-campus presence;

•             That the College greatly increase the frequency and quality of cleaning services on campus, and in particular that all classroom and laboratory spaces be cleaned thoroughly between uses;

•             That the College provide adequate space and personal protective equipment to observe the requirements from local and international health authorities while on campus, with consideration for environmental sustainability and need in other sectors;

•             That the wearing of masks and/or face shields be required on campus, except under conditions were doing so would be unsafe or impossible 

•             That any require presence of teachers on campus be limited to essential activities that cannot be carried out virtually, and that the College clearly communicates to all faculty the criteria for determining whether an activity is essential;

•             That the College put in place clear, effective and transparent protocols for:

o             screening for all on-campus personnel,

o             communicating essential information about any confirmed on-campus cases (including self-isolation and shut-down criteria) to all members of the College community;

•             That any solutions to health and safety concerns proposed by the College should, wherever possible:

o             Maintain equity between teachers in similar health and family situations, both in terms of risk of infection and in terms of workload,

o             Take into account work-family balance,

o             Maintain the regular practice of scheduling day division courses between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday;

•             That the College communicate its plans to all teachers by Monday, June 8 to allow some time for preparation before the end of availability.

The Executive will be presenting these demands to the College administration at our next scheduled meeting. We also intend to initiate an exchange about the actual integration of these demands into the College’s plans.

In the meantime, amidst this evolving situation, please keep us abreast of any concerns that you may have arising from planning for Fall 2020.

In solidarity,

The JACFA Executive