Dear Colleagues,

Yesterday, the JACFA General Assembly adopted the following motion, including the amendments to FNEEQ’s list of priorities (French & English) as indicated below:

BIRT JACFA adopts sectoral negotiation priorities proposed by the FNEEQ negotiation committee, as amended.

JACFA’s proposed amendments to FNEEQ’s list of Sectoral Table priorities:

  1. Modify priority no. 17, demand CONS 6, to read
  2. Work on province-wide guidelines for the specificities of distance education as it concerns working conditions, by striking a provincial parity committee, whose mandate will be to make recommendations for the next Collective Agreement. 
  1. Require the approval of the departments concerned, the Labour Relations Committee, and the academic council or the Commission pédagogique for any existing or prospective distance education project, and by ensuring the necessary support.
  1. Add demand EWLR 7 to the list of priorities
    1. “Review the leaves for union activities provided for in article 3-1.00 to increase the minimum leave and to introduce a factor proportional to the number of teachers, including Continuing Education and accounting for the different associated establishments (such as centers for college studies or centres d’études collégiales), all while injecting the necessary resources. In clause 3-1.11, express in full-time equivalents the leaves of members of the Federal Office (Bureau federal)”

JACFA’s representatives will bring these amendments and propose their adoption by FNEEQ at the Regroupement Cegep tomorrow. The list of priorities ultimately adopted at this Regroupement will become the negotiating priorities for all FNEEQ Cegep unions.

You can also read the latest Info-Négo from FNEEQ in French and English.

We thank all those who came out yesterday and look forward to seeing everyone at the next General Assembly, where we will be discussing the College’s plans for Fall 2020.

Best Regards,

The JACFA Executive