Nego Update: CSN-FNEEQ to resume bargaining

Dear faculty members,

Last week, at Regroupement cégep, we were informed that the CSN’s push for an 18-month suspension of Collective Agreement negotiations has been unsuccessful, and that the other public sector federations of CSN would like to move forward with the bargaining process.

While there remain the same concerns as always about the wisdom of pursuing a negotiation under duress, during an unprecedented pandemic, the FNEEQ leadership does not believe it to be wise to keep pushing for a suspension while our sister federations engage the government. In light of this, Regroupement cégep gave the negotiation team a mandate to pursue negotiations. Please read this message (FR and EN versions) from FNEEQ Vice-President Yves de Repentigny, explaining the process and the rationale in more detail.

The JACFA Executive shares concerns with many other FNEEQ Cégep unions about the need to find ways to continue to practice and nourish our democratic processes, to come together to discuss important issues, and to have meaningful consultation. We are currently looking for concrete ways forward. In the meantime the Executive will continue to follow the rapidly-changing developments, push for answers at Regroupement cégep and, as always, keep you informed.  

In solidarity,

The JACFA Executive