Thoughts on May 1st: International Workers’ Day

Dear members,

Every year on May 1st, unions all over the world gather and mobilize to commemorate International Workers’ Day. This year, it feels very strange for us not to be able to do that in any substantive way. The current pandemic is creating difficult conditions in all aspects of our lives. Union organizing finds itself to be no exception. Currently, the JACFA executive is asking questions about how to animate our collective political life if social distancing measures continue into the foreseeable future. How can we maintain and build our solidarity when we can’t physically get together?

While we seek ways forward on this question and myriad others, we want to take a moment on this International Workers’ Day to salute the effort that each of us is making to continue to teach under these challenging conditions, to acknowledge the sacrifices of the frontline  workers in the Pandemic—many of whom find themselves in jobs grossly undervalued by our society, and to remember that we are, as colleagues, in this together and it will only be through our camaraderie and collective action that we will see ourselves through this current crisis.


The JACFA Executive