JACFA Elections – Current Candidates

This page will be updated weekly until nominations are closed.
All candidates whose nominations have been received by the elections officer as of May 8, 2019 appear below. Click a candidate’s name to see their statement of candidacy, if they have submitted one.

If there are more candidates than available positions, an election will be held at the May General Assembly. If there are fewer candidates than available positions, those candidates whose names were put forward during the nomination period will be acclaimed, and nominations will be taken from the floor at the May General Assembly to fill the remaining positions, including an election for those positions if required.

JACFA President (1 position)

  • Roy Fu

JACFA Directors (5 positions)

  • Stephen Bryce
  • Alexandre Panassenko
  • Ethan Mombourquette
  • Tanya Rowell- Katzemba
  • Kristina Swiercz

Academic Council Representatives (11 positions)

  • Abe Sosnowicz
  • Angela Vella
  • Stephen Bryce
  • Rhoda Sollazzo
  • Derek Maisonville
  • Suzanne Black
  • Manijeh Ali

Academic Council Permanent Substitutes (4 positions)

  • Sean Hughes

Faculty Professional Development Committee Representatives (5 positions)

JACFA Financial Review Committee Representatives (3 positions)

No current candidates

College Sustainability Committee Representatives (3 positions)

  • Abe Sosnowicz
  • Edward Hudson
  • David Hill
  • Alexa LeBlanc
  • Jessica Burpee

Food Services Advisory Committee Representatives (2 positions)

  • Nicholas Tosaj
  • Antoine Herlin
  • Laura Calver