Documents for April 24 General Assembly

Dear Colleagues,

In preparation for our General Assembly on Wednesday, April 24, please review the following documents:

The proposed agenda for the GA,

The text of a tentative agreement between JACFA and the College on the future allocation of Social Science Methods Courses

A copy of the text of Bill 21.

The minutes from the previous GA will follow next week.

More details on the history of the issue of methods allocation, the negotiation process behind the tentative agreement and the JACFA Executive’s assessment of the overall situation will be provided at the general assembly. However, we wanted to provide a brief summary of the agreement here:

The proposal is to allocate Methods courses in four phases:

  1. First, Methods courses would be allocated to cover the workloads of any permanent teachers who do not have sufficient work in their disciplines.
  2. Second, remaining Methods would be allocated to ensure that each discipline teaching methods would receive at least 1 FTE of methods, unless allocating these methods would cause a discipline to have to hire, in which case that discipline would receive only what it needs to cover its current teachers.
  3. Third, still-remaining Methods courses would be allocated by the methods seniority list, as we have done for the past number of years.
  4. If any methods courses remain, the College would, after consultation with the disciplines and JACFA, decide while discipline would attempt to hire for those courses.

The agreement also ensures that any methods given back by departments due to unforeseen releases or leaves after the initial allocation process above would be taken back and would be allocated using the methods seniority list. Additionally, the agreement prescribes the creation of a parity committee of JACFA and the College which would be responsible for dealing with unforeseen circumstances and for modifying the agreement if changes are needed.

For more details, please refer to the attached text of the agreement. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact Ethan Mombourquette (