JACFA Survey on Central Table Negotiation Demands

Dear colleague,

In the next year or so, we will be re-negotiating our faculty collective agreement. The JACFA Executive therefore is consulting with teachers at John Abbott as to what our priorities and demands should be. We have asked to be invited to department meetings and are also doing an online survey of faculty. 

This survey is focused on Central Table demands—questions related to salary, parental benefits and pensions. The survey is broadly worded, because we want as many people to answer as possible. We invite you to reflect on these three aspects of our working conditions, and to be as specific or general in your answers as you would like.

Please note that questions surrounding the sectoral table—issues that relate to our specific working conditions as CEGEP teachers, such as workload, class sizes, etc.—will be discussed in future consultations later this semester, but not in this particular survey.
You can access the survey by following this link.

Thank you for participating in this consultation.

The JACFA Executive