October 9 General Assembly Insurance Motions

Dear Colleagues,

Please find here a list of 14 motions proposing changes to our Group Insurance, to be debated and voted at the General Assembly on October 9. We have inserted some preliminary explanatory notes in red into the document. A more complete explanation will be provided at the GA. Someone from the FNEEQ insurance committee will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

The motions will be voted on individually. For their final approval, each motion must receive the approval of a majority of participating unions. Approved changes take effect on January 1, 2019. Please find tables below explaining the costs changes to the health insurance should all motions pass. The 4% represents the basic increase; the “ajouts” column represents the costs of all the motions combined.

Insurance increase

Module A4.00%-3.15%0.85%
Module B4.00%4.10%8.10%
Module C4.00%4.85%8.85%

Prime aux 2 semaines avant taxe (9%)

Module A36.76$99.33$62.46$73.49$
Module B47.62$128.67$80.91$95.22$
Module C54.92$148.39$93.31$109.78$


Module A37.07$100.17$62.99$74.11
Module B51.48$139.09$87.46$102.93$
Module C59.78$161.52$101.57$119.50$