JACFA GA Update: 2018 Breakfast Boycott, etc.

Dear Colleagues,

On May 16, the JACFA General Assembly passed a motion calling for a boycott of the August 2018 College Welcome Back Breakfast, in the event that two outstanding labour relations issues are not resolved. Namely, if the College refuses to ensure equitable treatment of non-permanent teachers, particularly those teaching reduced enrollment classes, and to restore union release to historical levels. The motion reads:

BIRT in the event that the outstanding issues of payment of non-permanent teachers and JACFA release are not both resolved by June 10, JACFA members will boycott the August 2018 College welcome back breakfast;

BIFRT in the event of a boycott, JACFA will organize an rally on campus to launch the Respect JACFA Campaign for the 2018-2019 academic year, and invite unions from FNEEQ and CSN for support.

While the deadline of June 10 has already passed, we will confirm the boycott after our final meeting the College directors this Wednesday, June 13. In the meantime, we have encouraged departments to plan activities on the morning of the Breakfast, in the event that the boycott is confirmed. In the confirmation email, we will provide all the necessary background and logistical information.

At the same GA the following motions were passed:

  • BIRT in the event the college does not change its current allocation of JACFA release, JACFA purchase 0.250-0.333 FTEs of release, depending on the composition of the Executive, to supplement the 2.5 FTEs imposed by the College for the 2018-2019 Academic year.
  • BIRT JACFA agrees to suspend the provisions of the local agreement “Composition et mandate des comités de programme” requiring that the Program Dean be the chair of the Science and Social Science program for the 2018-2019 academic year.
  • BIRT JACFA support la semaine de la Francophonie with a $250 contribution.
  • BIFRT JACFA support the JAC Staff Golf Tournament with a $150 contribution.
  • BIRT an advisory committee composed of a majority of non-permanent teachers work with the JACFA executive to address issues related to non-permanent teachers and their workloads, and to produce a non-permanent guide.

On the last motion, the Executive will be putting a call out for participation in the committee in Fall session.

In addition to the approved motions, the following notice of motion was given for a change to the JACFA Constitution:

  • BIRT section VIII-1 of the JACFA constitution be amended, striking : “a) [the President shall] chair all Executive meetings and General Assemblies”;
  • BIFRT section IX be amended to add “The General Assembly shall be chaired by a member of the Executive.”.

Finally, please find attached the results the JACFA elections, including the executive for 2018-2019, and various JACFA and College committees.

We will be in touch shortly about the status of the boycott. In the meantime, we wish you a happy end of term.

In Solidarity,

The JACFA Executive

Roy Fu
Jeffery Brown
Stephen Bryce
Ethan Mombourquette
Tanya Rowell-Katzemba
Kristina Swiercz