JACFA Alert: April 10 GA to take position on payment of non-permanent teachers

Dear colleagues,

As we have already communicated to you in recent months, the College has been making the push to change our agreement on the payment of non-permanent teachers. For background information on this agreement and recent developments related to it, please see these resources:

One of these proposed changes has emerged as a particular concern to the JACFA Executive. Previously, the agreement had contained a clause protecting non-permanent teachers teaching courses in which enrollment is deliberately kept low for pedagogical purposes, such as mise-à-niveau, Crossroads, ISS or Comp. and Lit. courses. The College is seeking to effectively remove this protection. In our negotiations with the College, the Executive has defended the principle that, when teachers teach such classes, it does not imply that they are working less. In fact, given the nature of some of these courses, teachers often have to deal with particular challenges not found in regular courses with higher enrollment. We have also pointed out the relatively low cost of maintaining this principle of pedagogical integrity. Nevertheless, negotiations have reached an impasse.

On Tuesday April 3, the College recently put a “final offer” (available here) on the table where they agree to pay non-permanent teachers by CI or hours, whichever is better, with a maximum top-up of ten percent. However, they have refused to make any guarantees for non-permanent teachers teaching courses where enrollment is kept low for pedagogical reasons, beyond the general top-up.  The College has also stated that if JACFA does not agree this offer, and sign off on it, it will move unilaterally to pay all non-permanent teachers strictly by CI.

In light of this, the Executive is calling a General Assembly to determine its response to the College’s latest offer on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 5:30PM in P-204. Please here attached agenda, and the minutes from the Dec. 13, 2017 GA.

In all likelihood, the decisions taken at next Tuesday’s General Assembly will have important implications on how non-permanent teachers will be paid. For instance, should we accept the College’s offer? If not, what we should do to back up our demands?  A strong turnout will ensure a rigorous debate and a strong JACFA position. With this in mind, we sincerely hope to see you next Tuesday.

In Solidarity,

The  JACFA Executive

Roy Fu
Jeffery Brown
Stephen Bryce
Richard Masters
Ethan Mombourquette
Tanya Rowell-Katzemba