JACFA GA Update: November 29 2017

Dear Colleagues,
At the General Assembly on November 29th, the following motion was passed:
Whereas the refusal to provide public services to people who wear religious face coverings has nothing to do with the maintenance of a secular and/or religiously neutral state;
Whereas such refusal appears to contravene the Canadian and Québec charters of rights, in particular the basic freedom of expression and the freedom of religion;
Whereas the application of sections 10 and 11 would unjustly target certain already-marginalized groups;
Whereas Law 62 and subsequent clarifications from the Justice Minister assign a significant role to CÉGEP teachers in the application of the law;
  • JACFA denounces the passage of Law 62;
  • JACFA calls on its members not to participate in the application of articles 10 and 11 of the law;
  • JACFA requests that College refuse to apply this law and make a public statement to that effect;
  • JACFA requests that the College initiate a discussion at the Fédération des CÉGEPS of a position statement that strongly reaffirms the rights of all students to an education free of discrimination, and to all college workers to working conditions free of discrimination in response to Law 62;
  • JACFA requests that FNEEQ denounce this law based on its improper association of secularism and religious neutrality, based on its apparent contravention of charter rights, based on its discriminatory nature, and based on the inappropriate role assigned to teachers;
  • And JACFA requests that FNEEQ and the CSN make the necessary political representations to the government and the Fédération des CÉGEPS.
With the mandate given by this motion, the JACFA Executive has successfully forced an official debate at FNEEQ on our parent union’s stance on Law 62. We will keep you posted on any other arising news on this issue.
The General Assembly also passed the following financial motions:
BIRT JACFA donates $1000 to the National Council of Canadian Muslims and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association to fund their legal challenge to repeal Law 62.
BIRT JACFA expresses its solidarity with the Ontario Public Service Employees Union College Academic Division, and gives them a $500 donation.
Kind regards,
The JACFA Executive
Roy Fu
Jeffery Brown
Stephen Bryce
Richard Masters
Ethan Mombourquette
Tanya Rowell-Katzemba