Life Insurance

JACFA members have life insurance benefits both as part of our collective agreement and also in the FNEEQ Group Insurance Plan with La Capitale:

Collective Agreement

Our contract provides JACFA members with a death benefit of $6400 if their workload is 70% or over, or $3200 if it is less than 70%.

FNEEQ Group Insurance Plan

Basic Life Insurance

All members of JACFA under 65 years of age can purchase life insurance in the amount of one or two times their annual salary. If you are between 65 and 69 years of age, the amount available is one time your salary. At age 70, this is reduced to $10,000.

Optional Life Insurance

If you and/or your spouse are under 70 years of age and want to purchase more life insurance, it is available in blocks of $25,000 up to a maximum of $250,000 per person. The rates vary by age, sex and whether or not you are a smoker.

Dependant Life Insurance

You can purchase life insurance for your spouse and dependants. For your spouse, the benefits are limited to $10,000 if under 65 years old and $5000 if over 65. For children, the benefit is $5000 beginning 24 hours after birth.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

This insurance doubles the amount of your life insurance in the case of an accidental death or dismemberment. It is automatically included with Basic Life coverage.

For immediate access to documentation, including claim forms, our contract, rates, and summary of coverage, visit the La Capitale Group Insurance Webpage.

For more detailed information about our life insurance plan: