Dear colleagues,

We would like to share information that was communicated to us by La Capitale regarding our insurance plan in response to circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic (especially concerning the travel insurance). We also have information about RREGOP that may be of use:

Trip cancellation: Any trip that was purchased on March 13th or after will not be covered by the insurance in case of cancellation. To be eligible for a reimbursement for the cancellation of a trip purchased before March 13th, you must satisfy certain conditions listed here.

Trip interruption: If the departure date was on March 13th or after, you will not be covered for the interruption of your trip. To be eligible to a reimbursement of fees/payments if you cancel a trip that started before March 13th, you must also satisfy certain conditions listed here.

Emergency Medical fees: You might not be covered if you do not make all possible arrangements as soon as possible to conform to a governmental directive to avoid any non-essential trip. Therefore, if you are currently abroad, and if your departure date was before March 13th or before the publication of a level 3 or 4 travel health notice from the government of Canada, you have the obligation to take the necessary measures to conform to the notice as soon as possible.

For more information, please consult La Capitale’s COVID-19 information page.

E-Consults: While E-Consults are not covered by our insurance plan, note that an E-Consult are offered for free by Bonjour Santé during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit Bonjour Santé‘s website for more information. You will find a list of reasons of consultation that would make you eligible for an E-Consult.

Prescription Drugs Renewal: While La Capitale usually recommends that you renew your prescriptions for three months instead of one, to save on pharmacists fees, they recommend that you do not do so during the pandemic in order to avoid creating a possible shortage.

Car Insurance: In a communique published on April 7th, La Capitale announced that they will give a premium reduction to all their car insurance clients (tourism or commercial vehicles). The reduction (20% of the monthly premium) applies automatically to all clients, whether or not their usual mileage has decreased. It will be applied as of April 1st, and will last until the end of the current isolation measures.

RREGOP buybacks: Anyone who wishes to proceed to a buyback in the pension plan must usually submit two completed forms (form 727 and form 728). Part of form 727 must be filled by the employer(s) as well. Because of the current isolation measures, it is impossible for employees to have the employer fill their part. For that reason, Retraite Québec will currently accept an incomplete form 727, for the duration of the isolation measures.

We have attached the original communiqué in French. If you have any questions regarding the insurance or pension plans, please contact Alex Panassenko.