JACFA Négo Bulletin

Dear Faculty,

The CSN recently requested the Treasury Board to suspend the Collective Agreement negotiations for up to 18 months, given that the current crisis is, to say the least, an inappropriate moment to be negotiating. This was in response to the government’s offer to sign a three-year contract largely based on our current contract.

While a final decision by the Legault government is still pending, updates from our FNEEQ negotiation team indicate that the government is insisting on “wrapping up” negotiations as soon as possible, on their terms. Given the inability of unions and their federations to meet and properly consult on the negotiations– a basic tenet of collective bargaining — such insistence would likely result in the government imposing its will onto the unions, without good-faith bargaining. 

The JACFA Executive is deeply concerned about the direction of these developments. We see no advantage for the union or society as a whole to force negotiations at this point. Not only would unions be seriously handicapped in the process, important energy and resources would be diverted from our collective efforts in mobilizing against the most serious health and economic crisis of our lifetime. The only advantage we see are political ones for governing political party, who would not only get to impose their will on unions by overriding collective bargaining; they would also effectively remove the public sector negotiations as a potential issue for the next provincial election, slated for 2022.

We are well aware that our members may be currently preoccupied with managing extra-ordinary teaching situations and the day-to-day realities of this crisis. However, given the potential implications of the current state of negotiations, we would like to encourage you to participate in the CSN’s #AuFront social media campaign. It is meant to draw attention to the government’s insistence that we accept their Collective Agreement offer.

Given our current inability to mobilize in person, this campaign is currently one of the few means to express our disagreement publicly.​ You can participate in this campaign by sharing a photo of yourself with the slogans listed below, and using the hashtag #AuFront. It will raise awareness in our networks and demonstrate that we do not accept Collective Agreement negotiations under these crisis conditions.

In the meantime, we will keep you informed of any developments as we learn about them.En toute solidarité

The​JACFA Executive


  • Gérons la crise, pas la négo
  • Contraint-e à enseigner à distance. Négocier ? Ce n’est pas le temps.
  • Confiné-e à la maison, oui à la suspension.
  • Occupé-e à enseigner à distance. Pour la négo, je ne te donne pas Legault !


  • Solidarité ! Les anges gardiens ont besoin de soutien.
  • Anges gardiens, tous au front, tous à risque #Profssolidaires
  • Solidarité avec les travailleuses et les travailleurs au front contre la Covid-19
  • En appui aux anges gardiens