JACFA General Assembly, March 25, 5:30 p.m.

Dear Colleagues,

As previously mentioned, the main goal of this assembly will be to make recommendations for FNEEQ and the CSN’s demands for our next round of Collective Agreement negotiations, set to begin at the end of this calendar year.

We are planning the meeting according to the following format:

  1. Brief presentations on the negotiation process and timeline, and the key issues identified in JACFA’s consultations thus far.
  2. Round table discussions to further solicit feedback on the key issues
  3. Plenary to adopt any motions that may be generated by the round tables and/or motions brought by members to the assembly.

The main issues identified thus far in our consultations are:

  1. Salaries, in particular, determining a demand that is reasonable, that meets our needs, and that we are willing to defend.
  2. Pensions, including the maximal contribution age, age for penalty-free retirement, and divestment of our pension funds from fossil fuel investments.
  3. Working conditions and pay of continuing education teachers, who are currently vastly disadvantaged
  4. Calculation of workloads for certain programs and disciplines, including Physical Education and some technical programs.
  5. The provision of adequate teaching resources to accommodate students with disabilities.

As we have repeated during our departmental visits, your engagement with the consultation process will have an important bearing not only on the substance of our demands, but also on the likelihood of their success in our negotiations.

We hope you will make a strong effort to come out on March 25.