JACFA Reply to Emergency Measures Training Messages

Dear Colleagues,

On September 7, roughly 100 of our members received an MIO from a manager in the Program Deans’ office, on behalf of the program deans. This message indicated that faculty members who had not attended one of the Emergency Preparedness Training sessions provided by the college during the 2016-2017 academic year would have letters placed in their files indicating such, to be removed once the training was completed. A second message was sent on September 8, claiming that the College was merely attempting to elicit feedback and to investigate why some faculty members had missed the sessions in advance of placing letters in files.

The JACFA Executive has been in contact with Human Resources and has been assured that, as of now, no letters have been placed in the files of any of our members pertaining to the Emergency Preparedness training. Currently, JACFA is in the process of investigating further, and has requested a meeting of the Labour Relations Committee (CRT) to discuss this issue with the Administration on Wednesday, September 20th.

For the time being, the Executive recommends that our members hold off on sending replies to these MIOs, including giving reasons for missing the training sessions, until after the CRT, when more information will be available. Additionally, please advise JACFA immediately of any further requests for information from the College regarding your participation in the training sessions.

We will continue to monitor this issue closely, and will provide further information as soon as possible.

Best Regards,


The JACFA Executive

Roy Fu

Jeffery Brown

Stephen Bryce

Richard Masters

Ethan Mombourquette

Tanya Rowell-Katzemba